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Current Interest Rate Offers
Published March 13, 2022
Here we explain what interest rate is, the different ways you can pay it and how you can pay less of it.
What are home loan interest rates?

To put it simply, the interest is the cost to ‘borrow’ the money for a home loan, car loan, credit card, or any type of loan. The rates are usually expressed as a percentage.

Each month, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) is responsible for setting the cash rate. Lenders and credit providers then go on to use this set cash rate to create their own rates. However, lenders are free to increase or decrease their rates independent of the cash rate.

Borrowers can choose to repay their loans at a variable (changing month to month) rate or a fixed (consistent for a set period of time) rate.

What interest rates can @realty finance get me?

We have access to 60+ lenders across Australia to find you the lowest rate for your situation. 

Depending on your lending situation and borrowing capacity will factor in what interest rate we can achieve for you. 


Let us introduce ourselves

We're the @realty finance lending specialists who will be assisting you with your home loan. Get to know us so we can help you with your loan. Introducing Adam Robson and Adam Kay, your @realty Finance lending specialists.

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Our Home Loan Lending Specialists have over 10+ years experience helping Australia's with their home loans. They'll guide you through the entire process to help you search, choose and settle your home loan.

Who are @realty finance?

@realty finance is the finance arm to Australian real estate network, @realty. @realty is a network of real estate professionals that are connected through an innovative technology platforms to leverage the benefits of a team.  


There are currently over 700+ @realty Australia wide and have helped thousands of Australians buy & sell property.


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