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We make finance quick & easy.

Stop wasting time searching for a home loan. 
Let an expert do the hard work for FREE. 


The difference 0.6% on an interest rate saves on an $800,000 loan per year.

Save $3,036  per year*

Why use our service?

60+ Lenders with 1,000+ loan options

We work with multiple lenders, not just one – to find the right loan for your needs.

Variable from                            Fixed from

1.89%     2.19%

We find you Australia's lowest home loan rates, from as low as 1.89% variable and 2.19% fixed. 

Free Service 

We work for you to find you the best loan and paid for the bank, so you don't pay anything. 

24 Hour Approval

You deal with a dedicated loan specialist who often can have you conditionally approved within 24 hours of application.

Stop wasting time comparing interest rates.


Our experts have direct access to 60+ major lenders in Australia to offer you the best interest rate and home loan.

1 Broker = 60 Lenders

Why should you choose us


We're the @realty finance lending specialists who will be assisting you with your home loan. Get to know us so we can help you with your loan. Introducing Adam Robson and Adam Kay, your @realty Finance lending specialists.

10+ Years Experience 
Our team has experience at a big bank so has INSIDER knowledge on how to get you the best home loan, from 60+ lenders. We know all the tricks to find you the best home loan & rate.
Meet our loan experts
$1 Billion in Loans
Our experts have collectively processed over $1 billion in home loans, so you can be confident we know our way around the home loan process.
Apply for a home loan
We are here to help
Don't waste your time stuck on hold at a bank. You can call our experts directly 24/7 to answer any questions you have about the home loan process. 
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What type of loan are you looking for?
I want to...

Buy my first home

  • Get your first home loan for as low as 2.29%

  • Purchase with just a 5% deposit

  • Government grants for first home buyers

  • Fast pre-approval within 24 hours 

  • We're there for the entire process

Get a lower interest rate

  • Refinance rates as low as 1.89% with 60% LVR and 1.99% with 80% LVR

  • $4,000 cash-back when you switch

  • Save $1,000's switching to a lower interest rate

  • Fast & easy process, often within 24 hours

Buy an investment property

  • 2.04% PA variable rate Principal & Interest 

  • 2.34% PA variable rate Interest Only

  • Fast loan approval & equity release within 24 hours

  • Work directly with our loan specialists

Buy a commercial property

  • We can assist you with a large range of Business & Commercial Lending Options.

  • Property finance to purchasing an established business

  • We can advise you what options are available 

  • Free initial & obligation-free discussion. 

Let's compare, Lenders VS Banks
  • 60+ Lenders

  • Knowledge of various loan structures

  • 24 hour approval. You can call us anytime about your loan.

  • We'll ensure your always on the lowest rate, years after you take it out

  • You speak to 1 dedicated specalist

  • 1 Lender

  • Only offer their loans

  • Longer wait times. Limited to office hours & staff availability

  • Banks would prefer you on a high rate

  • Passed around to multiple staff

Don't just take our word for it.

People are leaving reviews for us in lots of places. See what they have to say.

  • What exactly is a mortgage broker?
    Mortgage brokers arrange home loans between lenders, and borrowers – people who are looking for a home loan. We shop around for a loan that’s right for you and your circumstances. We astay up-to-date with constant changes in the home loan market and new products, to match you with the right solution, doing the hard yards for you to get you into the right deal.
  • How does the home loan process actually work?
    Don't worry, your not alone. Many first home buyers and even seasoned borrowers can feel intimidated when taking out a mortgage. People often get confused because of the many steps involved, which can make the home loan process longer and more complicated than it should be. The home loan process actually starts well before you apply for a loan and extends well after it settles. We've helped thousands of Australia's just like you navigate this often daunting process every step of the way. We pride ourselves making the process as easy and stressfree as possible.
  • Why not just go to a bank?
    Firstly, it’s hard for most people to choose. Which bank? Which product? What about building societies and credit unions? There is just so much choice. A mortgage broker will steer you through the complexities to find a loan that suits your needs and not the need of just one particular bank, which will only offer you the loans they provide. Banks enjoy working with brokers, as we do a lot of the work for them and may help speed up the application process. Put simply, having a broker in your corner makes it easier to find the right loan, saves you time and, hopefully, money.
  • How does a morgage broker get paid?
    You as a home buyer, don't actually pay a morgage broker. We are paid by the banks for introducing new applications and for doing much of the work that would otherwise be done by one of their staff. When the broker introduces a client to a particular lender, the lender will pay the broker a commission once the mortgage application has proceeded to settlement and then a small “trail” commission payments while the borrower retains the mortgage with that lender. We're not paid any different from each bank, so there is no favoritism between lenders and strict regulations ensures our payment process is clear & transprent with you along the way.
  • Will you recommend a suitable loan?
    It is a common misconception that mortgage brokers recommend unsuitable loans for their clients to try to maximise their incentives. The reason for this is that prior to the regulation of our industry in 2010 there were a few unscrupulous mortgage brokers which gave the rest of us a bad name. We recommend several suitable loans for you and then let you decide which one you would like to apply with. In fact, as a holder of an Australian Credit Licence, it is against the law for us to assist you with applying for an unsuitable loan.
  • How does applying for a loan work?
    Our mortgage brokers do all of the hard work. All you will be required to do is fill out the application and supply the required documentation. We can then complete a preliminary assessment and give you some options to choose from. Once we know which lender you would like to proceed with then we lodge the loan online directly into their system for a quick approval.
  • Are you owned by a bank?
    Nope. We're an indipendant business in Australia, run by a hard working family on the Gold Coast, Queensland. This makes us complelty unbiased to who we recomend your loan to and to which lender. This is quite unique, becuase did you know... Aussie Home Loans is owned by the Commonwealth Bank (CBA). Mortgage Choice is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and has several banks as shareholders. Fast, Plan and Choice are owned by Advantedge (a division of NAB).
  • How long does this take?
    Using our expertise, we can find you the right home loan in less than 24 hours as long as you provide us with all of the required documents in one go. If you are in a hurry to get approved because you are going to an auction or have a deadline for a cooling off period on your purchase then please let your mortgage broker know and they can escalate your application. We have great relationships with our lenders, which means we understand how to fast track your loan application.
  • Can you cover every unique situation?
    Our mortgage brokers love a challenge! We can usually find a solution to even the most complex and difficult situations. This is because we have extensive knowledge of policy and know which lenders have flexible lending criteria. If you have been declined by the banks we can help to find other lenders who will approve your home loan.
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We PROMISE to find you the best home loan option.

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Our Home Loan Lending Specialists have over 10+ years experience helping Australia's with their home loans. They'll guide you through the entire process to help you search, choose and settle your home loan.

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